Introduction to android development for beginners

New Era of Android Development

Today’s topic is Android development. We know about android development history and features. That help in the daily life of individuals in different ways. All people interact with android in their day-to-day work. Android operating system is the largest platform that is installed over the world. Over millions of devices works on it. According to a survey of 2021, we know that over 71% of the global market share is covered by android and this ratio is increasing day by day. The trend of android is to achieve the heart of millions of users.

Android was developed by Open Handset Alliances led by Google and other companies. Google first develop the Software Development Kit (SDK) in 2007. Android version 1.0, was released in September 2008.

Android mobile applications and companies required the right skill set person to develop them.

Introduction of Android 

Android is based on Linux Operating System for mobile devices. Till now android has many names based on the android versions. Every new version has more functions in comparison to the previous version. Every version is known as a code name for android.

There are many code names for android such as Lollipop, Kitkat, Jelly Bean, Ice cream sandwich, Froyo, Eclair, Donut, etc. are present in android development.

The programming language used in developing android applications is JAVA and KOTLIN.

Advantages of Android Development

Android is an Open-Source Operating System and a huge amount of users support it. The guidelines of android are from google, which helps the user to develop the application. Application is built in the package from then combined to make the complete android application. This means that it provides a split-screen option. Android applications releasing easier on the google play store.

Disadvantages of Android Development

As the development and testing take more time so cost of the application may increase depending on the complexity of the application. It has a much more competitive market. So testing the application is difficult. In the android application, the developer has to adjust the size of the screen depending on the requirement.