To become a good cyber security expert, check these concepts
As we know in this technological world everything has some vulnerability and with that, we can compromise the system or any Database and can delete the user data. Cyber security is as important as guards at a bank, guards are at the bank to protect the bank similarly cyber security is involved multiple steps to protect Applications, Software. etc from hackers. 
These types of activities are known as Cyber threats.
There are many names like hacking, Ethical Hacker, etc. Mostly there are three types of hackers:
1. White hat
2. Grey hat
3. Black hat 
So according to these names, we can understand the meaning of Hackers.

The big tycoon tech companies are very much investing in Cyber Security, bcoz of their sensitive data. In today's world mostly Phishing attacks are happening because they are easy to do. Every company hires  Network engineers and cyber security experts for their company.
This demand is increasing in this era and the upcoming era. 
In 2021 the size of its market was $139.77 billion. And you can see this market is growing day by day.

To become a good cyber security expert, we need to go through these concepts and topics in a practical way means we need to practice lot and lot, So given below skills are necessary:

1. Networking
2. At least one Programming language
3. Cryptography
4. Reverse engineering
5. Operating system
6. Problem-solving
7. Basic Mathematics etc.
At Bizoally we understand this requirement. we do regular testing and scanning of websites to find any possible loophole in the system to prevent any type of exploitation. the process to find the vulnerabilities and weaknesses in a software or web application. We have a team of sedulous, ethical hackers we do penetration testing to find the potential vulnerabilities, to block hacking attacks. suppose a company is under some cyber attacks and hackers are trying to delete or stole the data, in that case, a digital forensics expert will recover the data like files, emails, photos, and all other important data using digital footprints, we use a different type of software and tools to investigate encrypted data.