Google Issues An Emergency Security Alert To 3.2

To fix a weird zero-day vulnerability, Google Chrome has been updated with bugs

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To fix a weird zero-day vulnerability, Google Chrome has been updated with bugs. We first learnt about the negligible Chrome assault earlier this month, which North Korean state-sponsored hackers were able to exploit for just over a month before a fix was provided in mid-February. 

In that case, the hackers are able to fool the naive by obtaining identical hostnames on both compromised real and phoney websites. A Chrome zero-day has been identified for the second attempt in 2022, and Google is issuing yet another fix.

Google published a new stable channel Chrome update for Window panes, Mac OS X, and Linux on Friday. According to a post on Google's Chrome Releases Blog (via Bleeping Computer), the version includes one security patches for the zero-day exploit CVE-2022–1096, which was first reported to the firm on March 23 by an anonymous tip. 

Hackers might use the zero-day vulnerability in Chrome's JavaScript engine to inject malicious malware into your browser. It's exactly the kind of thing terrible guys like doing to their victims. 

Google isn't saying much other than that this zero-day vulnerability has already been used in assaults. As a safeguard, the company withheld certain details from the public, stating that full details on how the exploitation worked would not be released until the bulk of customers had received the update. 

Luckily, Google was able to deliver a remedy before the exploit became publicly known. It is recommended that you install Chrome version 99.0.4844.84 as soon as possible. 

The Chrome emergency update to edition 99.0.4844.84 is rare in that it only addresses one security problem. As a result, it is strongly advised that all Chrome users upgrade their browser as soon as possible.
The $1 Million Account Hacking Competition Sets a New High-Water Mark It's now or never to apply the Google Chrome security fix. If the update is released, go to the Help|About menu in Google Chrome and it will start downloading right away. Google Chrome's downloading window. Davey Winder Try to be patient if you haven't received the update yet. It may take a few days for everyone to receive it.

Google has issued a critical Chrome upgrade to address a zero-day flaw that is now being exploited. According to Google, an out-of-band security update was deployed on Friday to address a higher susceptibility in its Chrome browser that is being actively exploited in the wild. CVE-2022–1096, a zero-day vulnerability inside the V8 JavaScript engine, is a sort of misinterpretation vulnerability.

The specifics of the violation are being kept under wraps. A high-severity type confusion bug in the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine was discovered by an anonymous security researcher and fixed today (marked as CVE-2022–1096). Users of Chrome Browser should have plenty of time to upgrade their browser and avoid hacking attempts until the browser manufacturer releases more details. 

This is the second zero-day vulnerability that Chrome has patched this year. The second Chrome  browser zero-day since the start of 2022 has been fixed by Google, the first being CVE-2 022–0609, which was refreshed last month.

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